Add custom head content with head.html

Use case or problem

I need to be able to inject custom HTML into the <head> tag of my Obsidian Publish site, in such a way that simple scrapers can scan it. The immediate use-case is to verify my domain on my Mastodon profile (which uses a <link> tag to prove ownership), but further use cases are typical of anything you’d normally do in <head>:

  • Add my own opengraph tags to customize social embedding
  • Add my own analytics tags
  • Add other forms of proof-of-ownership

Proposed solution

tl;dr: publish.css, but head.html

I can publish custom CSS and JS by adding publish.css/publish.js files to the root of my vault. If I could write a publish.html or head.html file in a similar way, and just have that raw content injected before the </head> tag, that’d solve it.

From a security standpoint, it doesn’t seem like this would expand the existing attack surface area that is publish.js, given that I could (probably) write my own malicious script that takes over my site and loads something else in its place - unless there’s some strong filtering that’s happening after the file is published!

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And footer would be nice too.

That thread seems to be about headers but this one is about <head>.