Remove "Obsidian Publish" from title

Use case or problem

Remove “Obsidian Publish” from the titles in the published pages.

I would not really object to have it in a footer or something similar. See this feature request: Header and footer customizability


Disadvantages that could drive away subscribers:

  • Custom domains created for own branding, not Obsidian Publish.
  • Impossible to disable on a paid product.
  • Seen in search engines results almost implying the content is from Obsidian Publish.

Should be at least optional, with a chance to disable it.

This prevents serious self-publishers with custom domains from using Publish.

Ghost, Wordpress, or any other major publishing platform does not inject their brand in every page title of a paid product.


@Silver, any chance this could happen to help custom websites use their own branding?

Yep, we’re making it happen this very soon.


Awesome!!! :partying_face::pray:

Should be live now. Let me know if you can confirm it so we can close this. Thanks!


Obsidian Publish is removed for custom domains

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Hooray, thanks! Now waiting for custom favicons to work properly in all browsers, including iOS and Safari :slight_smile:

why i still got Obsidian footer while I use a custom domains.

Custom domain is just the domain–it has nothing to do with how the site looks. You can use custom CSS to hide the footer if you want.