Properties: Support INTERNAL Markdown links

Use case or problem

I want to use markdown links in the frontmatter

link: "[other note](../"

Such link doesn’t render as a link in the preview mode and doesn’t get updated is other note is being renamed

MOD-EDIT: For the FR regarding external markdown links (like [google]( go here


Please also support them in lists:

parents: ["[Mom](../People/", "[Dad](../"]

It’s incredibly inconsistent that wikilinks work and external URLs work, but neither internal nor external markdown links do.


+1 for clickable .md links in Properties front matter


+1. Some plugins also use this format (IE geo locations for Map View)


+1. I need this. That’s pretty much the reason I still stick with backmatter.


I found myself wanting this today and came here to make the same request. It’s nice to be able to link to external pages in metadata—the source of some information, for instance, or a Google doc that you summarized in your vault. I can paste the URL into the metadata, but it’d be cleaner and more readable if I could have a nice display text.


+1. I need this.


Yeah, I use frontmatter for references and it would be nice to link to the resources pdf but I can’t…


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I do not understand how I missed this the first time I was looking for it.
Opened a similar FR because I failed to find this one.

I support this FR.
I tend to prefer markdown links in some of my notes because I share those via github with others, and wikilinks just don’t work on there.

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+1, after reading this FR I think it would be very helpful for my FR related to embedding properties to have this feature implemented.


I am waiting for this as well.

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+1, I am also waiting for this

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+1, I’m going to put my links into properties as link and fingers crossed this gets added soon :slight_smile:

Found this thread looking for info on how to do this, I’d also appreciate this feature being supported.

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+1, hoping to see this soon. If Wikilinks inside a " " string (i.e. property value) can be stored and parsed, wouldn’t it be easy to parse a Markdown link?


+1 I want this!

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+1, this is a worthy feature.

The attached picture is an excerpt from the Obsidian website homepage with a core value proposition highlighted:


Your knowledge should last. … preserve your data for the long term.

While acceptance is steadily growing, no doubt in large part because of Obsidian’s popularity, wikilinks are not an included method to create internal links in the default markdown spec. Currently, we are forced to utilize non-standard syntax to interact with links in properties, which is admittedly a niche feature, but I believe it’s important that our data be portable to another system, as stated above, the homepage seems to agree.

I write with markdown links over wikilinks, I view the latter as a liability should Obsidian ever disappear one day. If I do need to move shop, I want my content to be written, as much as possible, in a universal language to reduce the future burden of bulk regex transcription. Now I am in a bit of a bind, I don’t want to replace the markdown links throughout all the metadata in my vault, because I hope this feature will be added in the future, and that is an onerous task. But, I cannot utilize internal links from the property view, which is not a deal-breaker but leaves something to be desired.

Not treating markdown links as first class citizens, in properties or anywhere else, is disruptive to our workflows and breaks one of the core promises of the software. Please, do consider this feature.


Just a sidenote, links in frontmatter are not the part of markdown spec either, so they won’t work outside of Obsidian anyway. So for portability purposes, links should not be put in frontmatter anyways.

Some people do tricks like

## Backmatter

- field:: [[link]]
- field2:: [another link](

:: is used for Dataview inline fields

However, currently Dataview doesn’t support nested properties


- parent::
  - child:: [[link]]
  - child2:: [another link](

is not possible, so we have to use frontmatter.

This is just to show that currently there is no ideal solution available, and even if the current issue will be resolved by the Obsidian team, it is not a 100% satisfactory solution

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