Allow mixing text and links in properties fields


Text field (or a single item in a list field) only allows either text or a single link.

Proposed solution

Links should be interpreted like they are in the note’s body.

Current workaround (optional)

Make a list property and put parts of the text and links in items of it, but that’s unfriendly to manipulating properties programmatically and it’s unwieldy.

Related requests

This should also apply to markdown links if they are (hopefully) implemented.


THis seems to be an interesting idea. I think it would be useful in some cases for video making for example.

This seems to be covering the same topic as Cannot Include Text and Link in the same Text Property Value.

Feature requested:

For a text type of property, allow to interpret the value as a single line of markdown.

Use case or problem

Allow describing something with a sentence as a property. Here are a few

how-we-connected: “Meet on [[Foo Event]], together with [[John Doe]]”
description: “A key decision maker in the company [[Bar Company]] with an expertise in [[Enterprise Sales]]”

Proposed solution

For the UI of Obsidian to recognize the line of text value of any property to be a markdown.

Current workaround (optional)

Ignoring the markdown, just treat them as plaintext

Related feature requests (optional)

  • In this feature request to add support markdown links, there are a lot of support. However, we believe it’s even more useful if it can be general rendering as markdown which allows links to be clicked and refactored.

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yes, that would be a great feature!!!
@WhiteNoise: you closed the feature request and linked it to the feature request of this thread and marked it as “solution”… => does that mean, that this feature request will be implemented in future releases?

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I, too, would like to know. This is a feature the absence of which hinders the usefulness of properties unnecessarily, IMHO.

I closed that thread and pointed to this one because it’s a duplicate.

I understand. I was just adding my voice to the idea under discussion, not trying to criticize a valid moderating decision. Thank you for your work as a moderator.