Cannot Include Text and Link in the same Text Property Value

What I’m trying to do

In a text property value, I try to include a link to an existing note as well as othe information. For example: “[[Note 1]] - some interesting thoughts about this topic.”
I am able to have a text property only contain a link to another note. Or include text. But not both. I expected to be able to do both so I do not know if this is a bug or a feature request. It seems like a text field should allow for links and text since text generally means freeform text and Obsidian understands links in property values. I would expect it to act the same way links inserted into normal text behave.

Things I have tried

I have tried to insert the link various ways and then add some text. I am unable to do so.


As far as I know, this is the expected behavior :blush: : You can’t have a mix of a text value and a link tied to the same text property key.

Properties are designed to make it easy for plugins to extract and update values.

I think the correct way to approach your requirement would be to have two fields:

link: "[[Note link]]"
link_comments: "Some interesting thoughts about this topic"

These could also be arrays if you want to have multiple links and comments.


But is there a reason that links within text makes it more difficult for plugins to extract and update values :thinking: It seems like text should be text and if there is a link in that text it shouldnt make any difference in a text field.

Yes: for a plugin to do that it would need to parse the string to extract which part is the text part and which part is the link.

That’s exactly what the YAML frontmatter is for - it’s already parsed into a standardised format so that plugins and other software can use the values.

I found this topic as I was trying to do the same as @Spduck.

Assuming that it should be possible to set the value of a text property to any text, it seems rather arbitrary that a single link is treated as a link whilst a link + text or multiple links are not. I could understand if all links were treated as links, or if no links were treated as links, but implementing different behaviour depending on the value seems confused.

The current behaviour might be better implemented with a separate dedicated ‘link’ property type and then having the text property type ignore all links.

IMHO, from a user’s perspective, a better implementation would simply be to treat all links in a text property as links.