Properties: Support EXTERNAL Markdown links

Adding my voice here: I’m also using markdown links in a list in properties.

aliases: [Kleene operator, Kleene closure]
  - "[regexone site]("
  - "[wikipedia]("

I’d love if obsidian recognized these as links, so that they’re clickable in the reading view :slight_smile:

MOD-EDIT: For the FR regarding internal markdown links (like [mynote]( go here


Use case or problem

The new Properties system handles wikilinks, and url strings, but not markdown links (i.e. “( )” ). Using a url is not ideal when you are linking externally. For example if I am linking to Akira Kurosawa’s imdb page I want to use a markdown link, “[Akira Kurosawa]( )”, instead of just the url, which gives no information about what the external link is.

Proposed solution

v1.4 already renders wikilinks correctly. Can the same thing be done for markdown links?


I would love this. I do so much with linking files together through DB Folder for linking Videos to games. It is a nice thing to do.

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+1, and adding the words “masked external links” in hopes that it makes this show up in search results—I also created a duplicate.

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I didn’t know this was still being “worked on.”

I wanted to update my properties in bulk, trying to add clickable external URLs of my git history of each file.
Currently, one cannot add https:// and only text strings are accepted, so I went with:

  -<user>/<reponame>/blob/<fullcommitID>/<encoded foldername>/<encoded filename>.md
  -<user>/<reponame>/blob/<fullcommitID>/<encoded foldername>/<encoded filename>.md

Once this is implemented, I’ll need to do mass replace again…

That’s the way the cookie crumbles if it’s obsidian-shaped, I guess. :wink:


Indeed, important FR, didn’t pay attention both internal AND external markdown links aren’t supported yet, as mentioned here :


Emphatic +1

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+1 - Please add this!
It’s so badly needed,
and should hopefully be pretty easy to implement as it’s already working this way for wiki links.
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Would very much like to support this!