Possible bug with SwiftKey and Obsidian Mobile when using voice-to-text

I’m reporting this as a bug because multiple people are reporting similar issues using SwiftKey and Obsidian Mobile in Android. My initial comment was in the Help topic, but several people have reported the same or very similar issues with using voice-to-text and SwiftKey.

See here for the other thread: SwiftKey + Android voice-to-text bug?

Animated gif of this problem: Gif of swiftkey/obsidian voice-to-text bug

  • I use SwiftKey on my Android (Xioami Redmi Note 10 pro) and until very recently had no problem accessing voice-to-text in Obsidian mobile. But it’s suddenly stopped working.
  • The voice-to-text panel will not open - it tries to open and immediately closes.
  • When I switch to Gboard, voice-to-text works fine.
  • All relevant permissions are on in SwiftKey, I didn’t change anything to make this happen (afaik).
  • SwiftKey voice-to-text works fine in all other contexts.
  • Ive rebooted, and uninstalled/reinstalled Obsidian.

Is this a problem since the last update of Obsidian Mobile to 1.5.11?

NB there is another recent thread in bug reports with similar issues using Gboard.


I have a similar issue. Voice to text with gboard stops working after a single character, but not 100 percent of the time. The default samsung keyboard works.

Gboard/voice-to-text works fine for me it’s just SwiftKey. On the other thread several other people are reporting problems with gboard as well as SwiftKey. There’s a bug report for gboard I think if you want to add this to that thread.

I don’t see a gboard bug report. I searched and didn’t find anything. If you are aware of it, can you give me a link ? There is a separate problem related to the samsung keyboard that has a bug report here Cursor ends up before the letter on android Samsung keyboard - Bug reports - Obsidian Forum .

Edit: Just found a help issue and added a message there Voice typing not working for bullet points on Android - Help - Obsidian Forum

Apologies I should have given the link. It seems there’s a bunch of issues with different keyboards and Obsidian Mobile so all we can do is report them. Ill try to keep this thread on the SwiftKey issue so things dont get too jumbled up :slight_smile:

I do have the same issue : voice to text does not work with samsung tab, but it doesn’t work no matter the format

I am experiencing the same issue with Swiftkey and partially with Gboard:

  1. Swiftkey voice input doesn’t open at all.
  2. Gboard voice input only works on new line text, it doesn’t work with tabbed content, bullet lists, and numbered lists.

I have a fix for this and we will be releasing it very soon. It will come in v1.5.12.

That’s great. So just to clarify, as there are several problems that people keep mentioning that relate to using voice-to-text:

  • Using SwiftKey as default keyboard, voice-to-text does not open at all
  • Using Gboard as default, voice-to-text opens as normal, but wont work when using formatted lists or other formatted text
  • Voice-to-text may also have problems opening when using other default keyboards (eg Samsung)

Thanks for your attention to this!

Please open a bug report for each individual issue.

There is already a bug report for the Gboard issues made by another contributor to the other SwiftKey thread.

I dont use Samsung so dont feel I can make a bug report for that.

I was trying to clarify what @Licat was referring to when they said they had a fix - is it the Swiftkey issue of voice-to-text not opening at all? Hope so :slight_smile:

Yeah there are 4 different threads which I have replied to, all of them came down to one root cause but it did manifest in different ways across GBoard, SwiftKey, Samsung Keyboard, and the various voice-to-text inputs, as well as the CJK input on macOS.

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