Phone: Move Ribbon from menu to sidebar

This post has some slight overlap with my other post here as it does involve the left sidebar element: Phone Sidebar Usability

On the smartphone (Android, Pixel 6 Pro), My experience with the bottom ribbon menu button is…okay, but it has far more friction for me to use than the side-ribbon as found on desktop/tablet.

I also happened to notice that the sidebars as it stands do not use up the entire screen (there is a full screen button, but I never use it).

Why not migrate the ribbon menu over to the left of the left sidebar when opened? This would also bring the design language in line with that of the tablet or desktop, albeit in a condensed form.

In addition, it would then make the sidebar properly use the entire screen.

If there were too many ribbon buttons, it could be scrolled through, or given an overloading button to show the rest.


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What you request is exactly how it used to be. (I prefer the current way because it has text labels, but tastes vary.)

Changed title to say what’s being requested (was “Phone Ribbon Menu Overhaul”).

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I remember that, and iirc, it was changed because, in the absence of mouseover tool tips on a touch screen, people found it hard to figure out what the icon-only buttons did.


Could add an expand button to show the names of each?