Phone Tabs Improvements

Tabs on Smartphone (Android, Pixel 6 Pro) in their current state are cumbersome.

  • Opening and Switching Tabs is fine, but there is no X button to close them in the same menu?
    • Oddly, the checkmark showing the active tab isn’t located all the way on the right, as though there were room for the X button…
    • Currently to close a given tab I have to hit the note ellipsis menu and tap “Close Note”, this of itself is just fine, but to not have a close button in the tab menu so that I have to go here every time is cumbersome.
  • Please add a toggle to have a tab-bar as on tablet/desktop.
    • My phone is plenty big enough for this.
    • I tested having a tab bar myself by using a tasker function reduce the DPI on my phone to force Obsidian into its tablet form factor mode. While a little small, it works great!
      • Unfortunately, it’s slow to switch DPI all the time, so I don’t really use it often.
  • If not using a tab-bar, the tab menu could be overhauled to show previews of each note in a grid arrangement; the single-line tab names are kinda small to touch currently and I have bumped the wrong note before. The same problem shows in the ribbon menu (which I cover in other respects here: Phone Ribbon Menu Overhaul)


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Please split this into 2 or 3 requests (the X button should be its own request). Thanks!

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