Phone Sidebar Usability

On a smartphone (Android, Pixel 6 Pro), sidebars are currently confusing compared to how it is organized on tablet/desktop.

  • The left sidebar has a dedicated button, whereas the right one is only accessable via a swipe.
    • For less tech savvy users, this essentially makes it non-existent to them unless they already knew about it. Or worse, they accidentally bring it out and become confused due to an unexpected UI element appearing.
    • Potential suggested fixes include merging any sidebar menus into the left sidebar ONLY, or giving the right sidebar a visible button as on tablet/desktop.
  • When entering/exiting sidebar menus (explorer, bookmarks, etc.) The back button is confusing.
    • It is on the wrong side when compared to most UI design language placements of back buttons.
    • The icon is two arrows pointing either way, which doesn’t convey the simple function of going back.
    • Potential fixes could include entirely removing the menu items overview menu, and just adding a top row of menu items as on tablet/desktop. This would have the added benefit of creating design consistency between all device form factors.

In all, my campaign here is to bring the design language on the smartphone closer in line with that of the tablet or desktop. Thanks.

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Please split this into 2 requests as suggested. Thanks!

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