Option in command palette and context menu to "move file"

would like to move the current file without using drag and drop in the file tree

ideal workflow:

  • open command palette
  • select “move file”
  • type destination folder name and hit enter
  • file is moved from current folder to destination folder and links are updated

Yes! :+1::+1:


Came here to say this :slight_smile:

This would be amazing!

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Could even show a directory tree or other UI component that could be navigated by keyboard. That’d be fantastic.


+1 excellent idea

A couple of additional suggestions or alternatives:

  • include “move file” as part of the right click menu in the file explorer in addition to rename, delete, make copy.
  • allow slashes in the title for the purposes of specifying folder path. This would be particularly useful when creating a new file. For instance, I could just press “cmd+n” and then type “folder/newfilename” and start writing.

Yes, please! I’d love to see this exactly as described.

I think this is pretty crucial in order to enable proper second brain style knowledge management. As it is, I can’t easy reorganize things.

Compare Obsidian with VS Code below:




I cannot find a way to drag&drop a file without using a mouse (using the touchpad) on windows pc. It seems impossible to scroll up/down into a folder that is not within the existing view height.

Is there anyone that can shed light on this? There is also no “move file” option on right click


Existing threads on this topic:


When one right-clicks on a note title in the Explorer pane, one gets a popup window with 3 options. 1 option should be added: Move.

“Move” is relevant if there are folders in the vault. If the list of notes is not too long Drag & Drop is possible. If the note list is long D&D is not possible, unless one does a D&D to a random nearby folder as an intermediate step, and from there D&D to the destination folder.


How do we move multiple notes into a folder?


@antzyap Right now I suppose by D&D each note individually. I did not even think about that one, but it reinforces the request.


With a hotkey

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As far as I can see it is not possible (yet?) to assign a hotkey to this. Right?


A hotkey and / or command palette option for this makes a world of difference as note lists get longer.


+1 - I’m finding moving notes very cumbersome without this feature, given a long long list of notes within various folders.


I’d definitely like to throw my support in for this one. I imported a lot of notes from roam and it literally took a while w/ drag and drop.

Right click or a hotkey would both be good solutions to me. Just having some way.

If you have a lot of moving to do, it’s easier in the OS

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Ever spend a long time doing something and then realize there was an easier way to do it the whole time? Me that day, haha.

If you’re moving hundreds of files, don’t drag and drop. Still, a quick move feature would be so lovely.

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This breaks links.