Command/Hotkey for "More options" menu

Use case or problem

My use case is that I often delete files (that’s because I often paste screenshot images and then decide to replace them with something better) and would like a hotkey for it. But I don’t know whether to request a hotkey for that command specifically or the “More options” menu, which would give me a pathway for even more commands. I’ll go ahead and ask for the latter:

Not everything is in the command palette and can be given a hotkey. There are many commands in the “More options” 3-dot menu of the editor; e.g. “Delete file”. I would like a hotkey to open that up (and then I can type the first few letters to go to the command I want, which already works on macOS, as with all native context menus).

Proposed solution

Add a hotkey to pop open and focus the “More options” menu for the current file.

Current workaround (optional)

I have to switch to the mouse to click and then go to the menu entry I want.

Related feature requests (optional)

My trigger is similar to Option in command palette and context menu to "move file" but instead of opening FRs for every missing command in the “More Options” menu, I’m betting on one that may be more future-proof.

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The only way I have found is to set a hotkey to the ‘Delete current file’ command. For rarely used/risky commands I pick something that won’t be accidentally typed. One day we will be able to configure the menus I’m sure/hopeful.


Oh I totally missed that there is a hotkey for “Delete current file”. Duh! I searched but I must have typo’d.

This post has a page with 2 dataviewjs queries you can copy which helps with managing hotkeys.

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