Obsidian Sync not syncing plugins and settings

Things I have tried

Followed: Introduction to Obsidian Sync
Searched the forums but couldn’t find an identical topic.
I have tried activating sync addon and add vault to sync after to a local vault.
Chosing to sync everything, plugins settings.
Restart app, nothing on any devices syncs. Only the texts sync.
Tried deleting and starting over.
Uninstalled app and reinstalled.

What I’m trying to do

I have setup two vaults, one private and one work.
The md files syncs to work computer, work phone, and private phone from my private pc.
But no other settings or plugins at all.
This was a big reason for me to pay for sync, to not have to bother with syncing settings on 4 devices.

It works for me.

Can you post a screenshot of your sync settings page? One for each device.