Improve start experience on new machine with Sync

I switch machines quite often and I usually want to access to my vaults using Obsidian Sync.

At the moment the process seems to be;

  1. Click on ‘Open another vault’ in the left nav bar
  2. Select the ‘Create new vault on local hard drive’ option and select a location on the hard drive to create an empty folder
  3. Link new vault to Sync remote vault
  4. Remember to click all of the options for synchronising plug ins, themes and associated settings
  5. Wait

It would be great if we could have an option to create a new vault from a remote. Something that, for me at least, would combine steps 2-4 above.

  1. Click on the ‘open another vault’ option in the left nav
  2. Select the (new) option to ‘Open remote vault’
  3. Select the appropriate remote vault, a location on the local hard drive to store it and perhaps whether or not to synchronise plug-ins, themes, etc (I’d love if this defaulted to yes).
  4. Wait
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this was implemented.

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