Obsidian Publish: Support individual user authentication and management (subscriber-only access)

Use case or problem

I’m planning on using Obsidian publish to host Revision Notes that work on a monthly subscription basis.

Proposed solution

Appreciate you can password the site but easy for people to share passwords, my site uses WordPress, wonder if there is some way to force people to login with their unique account to view the page.



No, Obs Publish (as far as I know) doesn’t include web hosting. Also, I don’t entirely understand the 2nd part of your question:

  • could you explain a little more about what this use case is (so I have a better idea of what you’re doing).
  • are you using wordpress.com or a self-hosted wordpress.org server?

If you’re using wordpress.com first answer these questions:

  • Are you currently using an individual page that’s protected with a single password?
  • Do you have a payed plan?

Use case or problem

Currently, Obsidian Publish allows users to share their notes publicly, but there’s a need for more control over who can access the published content. Some users, like myself, want to offer exclusive content only to subscribers who are willing to support and pay for access. This is crucial for creators, educators, or anyone looking to monetize their content while using Obsidian Publish.

Proposed solution

Introduce a feature that enables Obsidian Publish users to set their published pages as subscriber-only. This would require visitors to subscribe or make a payment to access the content. This addition would empower creators to share premium or exclusive material, fostering a sustainable way for them to continue creating valuable content within the Obsidian ecosystem. It adds a layer of flexibility, making Obsidian Publish a more versatile platform for a variety of content creators.

Current workaround


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Obsidian Publish: Support individual user authentication and management


Seconded. I’d love to see this as a feature.

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Would love this as well. Using Obsidian as a kind of online class format. Having certain pages only accessible to higher tier subscribers would be great.

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this must be very helpful in various usecases

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I plan on doing this through something of a workaround solution. I have a Patreon, and I want to only give Patreon supporters access to my Publish site.

I think what I will do is password lock the Publish site and then only give the password to users at that certain tier, rotating the password every three months so that users can’t just sign up once and have access forever.

I would love a more official solution for this, though!

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This is exactly what I was thinking to do, temporarily.

Yeah this is what I plan on doing too, but it’s definitely not ideal. Avidly waiting for individual user auth and password protection on specific folders/pages!

Would love this for sharing notes on projects with colleagues at my company.