Better password management for Obsidian Publisha

We would like to create a long term “know how” system for many users. The only thing stopping us from using Obsidian Publish right now is that we need a unique password for each user.

Each user can access the system for a different length of time (day, month, year), each user will have a different start and end date. Manually maintaining this in Obsidian Publish is completely unrealistic.

We like Obsidian. But we need to see if there is any chance of password management being built into the Obsidian Publish module in the future. We would need something that would allow automated password management (adding, deleting). API access. Or something that would allow you to send a batch of passwords externally, say “add these passwords today and delete these other passwords at the same time”.

If nothing like that is even considered, we’ll have to start looking for another publishing platform, unfortunately.


Good Idea :+1: I support your request. Also, it will be awesome to add password access to specific folders and pages, not only for the whole site.

P.S. I tried to do this via Cloudflare Workers access mechanics, but this doesn’t work correct because Obsidian Publish uses SPA rendering and redirecting and first visit on a locked page still open that page (but refresh/second visit locked it).