Obsidian Publish alternatives

Obsidian Publish is great, but as a student, I can’t afford the 8 dollars/mth so I’ve been trying to find alternatives. Granted, they’re not as pretty or fully featured as Obsidian Publish and developers may stop supporting these projects but if you’re willing to work with compromises, here’s the list I’ve compiled from the forums so far.

  1. Obsidian Publish - 8USD/mth
  2. @obsidian-userland/publish
  3. Pubsidian - FREE and ELEGANT obsidian-publish alternative - Share & showcase - Obsidian Forum
  4. obsidian-mkdocs template
  5. GitHub - secure-77/Perlite: A webbased markdown viewer optimized for Obsidian

Digitial garden and obsidian:

  1. https://forum.obsidian.md/t/understanding-digital-garden-creation-with-obsidian/2725
  2. https://github.com/b3u/eleventy-garden
  3. https://github.com/kmcgillivray/obsidian-lettersmith

Let me know if I missed any. I’ll add them in.


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I’m adding the (old) reply from Carl in the Discord server, which was based generously on @EleanorKonik’s roundup:

If you’re interested in a self-hosted/homebrewed version, there are a few options out there. Keep in mind that they might need some setup e.g. due to (lack of) compatibility with wikilinks. Here’s a small summary from the Obsidian Roundup:

For a longer description, check out these two roundups:


I have a simple view on this:
Taking things is wrong, in the same way as doing things to people is wrong. There should always be active consent.

Hello !
I created Obsidian2Mkdocs, a free publish alternative, using a python script and mkdocs. Check this out because there is so much on it!


Hey guys,

I’ve made yet another Obisidian Publish Alternative (Using NextJS framework.) but more toward Obsidian Publish style:

  • Obisidian Wiki Link style
  • Folder/File Navigation Side Bar

I’d love to hear more feedback too improve it.



I’ve created a tool to do this - Gatsby Garden


  • Support for wiki links - [[Note Name]]
  • Graph visualization of linkages between notes
  • Backlinks listed
  • Tagging supported
  • Preview linked notes by hovering on the link
  • Sitemap, RSS Feed, Home Page generated automatically
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People who want a no-brainer but elegant solution can check obsidian-zola out too! Add one file to your Obsidian Vault and you are set to go! Knowledge graph, Wikilinks, LaTEX, Google Analytics etc. are supported.


https://mindstone.tuancao.me/ via https://twitter.com/tuancm/status/1516688707516268546


Thanks for sharing @EleanorKonik !

I made a post regarding MindStone here as well in case people want to discuss more and give me feedback on how to improve it.

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Wanted to give a shoutout to @dwrolvink. He also has a very nice Obsidian Publish alternative. Here is the GitHub: GitHub - obsidian-html/obsidian-html: Python code to convert Obsidian notes to proper markdown and optionally to create an html site too.

Graph view can be in 2d or 3d based on Note-Graph
Search is FlexSearch

Overall pretty easy to use, and he’s improving it everyday (also very responsive if there are issues)



if I’m right, on github everything is not only public but ready to be copied. Are there alternatives to Obsidian Publish which work without it?
I like the idea of publishing my vault but I would like to have it published only on the static website I`d create, not also on github.

So far I have the impression, that something like that exists, but that it is more difficult for non-techies.

Glad about any advice.

Hello ! You could use private repo for that

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As mara li mentioned, u can have private repo with free account. Here’s one way to publish vault with private github repo.

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I’ve been working on this one, and just made a thread for it:

It’s an alternative to a “digital garden”, for those times you just want to share a single link.

The main points of difference:

:small_blue_diamond: Uploads using your live theme, along with all your options and custom CSS.

:small_blue_diamond: Local and remote image support.

:small_blue_diamond: Supports anything that Obsidian Reading mode does, like rendered Dataview queries or any plugins that show content inside the normal Reading view.

:small_blue_diamond: Supports callouts with full styling.


Obsidian Share is now updated so you don’t even need your own hosting. You can start sharing files immediately with no setup required other than copy/pasting a Templater script.

Follow the Installation with Templater section in the setup guide.


https://flowershow.app/ is a free and open source alternative to obsidian publish. It supports wikilinks etc.