Obsidian deleted a file - it is not in trash

Today it happened the second time: out of the blue, Obsidian closed one of my files and it is gone. Really gone. Not in the trash.

I cannot reproduce it, but I wanted to file it as a bug anyway. Unfortunately I use iCloud to sync, so I cannot recover previous versions.

Sometimes notes close themselves. But those 2 times the notes were gone.

Edit: Phew, my windows machine is usually quite slow to update its iCloud drive, and the file was still there. Alongside with a conflicted copy. Is it possible, that Obisidian cannot cope with this scenario?
Before I was using Typora with the same iCloud-Drive setup and never experienced the deletion of files.

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Is it possible that these files open in multiple apps, and/or on different devices?

Did you notice any patterns, or did those two disappearances seem completely random?

I did not have the files open on another device or in another app.
(I have other files that I keep open both in Obsidian and Typora).

The sudden closing of files seems completely random to me. I also have no clue, why two out of those three times the file was suddenly closed, it was deleted.
The three times were always when I was editing the file or shortly after.

After seeing the conflicted copies on my windows machine, and the fact that I happened always in correlation with editing the file, one guess might be that iCloud tries to sync while obsidian is saving or something like that?


That’s what I’m thinking too, but not sure why the behaviour would happen exactly. Hopefully it never happens again…? These are hard to pin down!

For sure. If it happens again, I’ll report here.

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Hm, today it happened again. But I have backups now and usually don’t lose data :sunglasses:
Also there are always multiple copies of the lost notes on my Windows machine.

That made me wonder: Maybe it has to do with running iCloud Drive on Mac and on Windows?

Edit: There is definitely something strange with iCloud on Mac and Windows. On Windows, duplicate file get a number, eg file.md becomes file (1).md. However, if I move file (1).md to another folder, it appears as file.md on the mac (in the new folder).

Thanks for your diligence (and good work with the backups).

Hmm. And does it only happen with files that are open/recently edited?

Yes, only open files and only files that I have been editing very recently.

I have now disabled iCloud Drive on the Windows machine. I am curious if it will still happen in the next days.

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Thanks, keep us updated. I don’t have a Windows machine or I’d help track this too!

Thanks, although we don’t have repro steps, maybe we can get some clues on what’s going on that way. If the bug stops acting up, it likely has something to do with iCloud.

@Nils: not sure if this post should go to Bug Reports or stay here. You’re no longer asking for help, right?

Right, I am not asking for help on this one anymore. Sorry for replying so late.
Move it wherever it fits.

For me there are steps to make it happen again, although not immediately: just turn on iCloud on my windows machine and use it for a while.

That being said, when I don’t have iCloud drive activated on my windows machine, everything works fine. At least it did for me for the last week.

is there a log of all activities?

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