Note closed and disappeared just like that

Just like the title says. I have been using Obsidian for over a year now and this is the first time anything like this happens.

A technical note I was writing for well, this entire day, was instantly closed. Well, no biggie, went to the file explorer to get it back. Nope, it is not there.

I thought it is Obsidian playing tricks on me. Checked my filesystem. Nope, it is not there. Panicking, I did a memory dump of Obsidian, usually notes can be found in memory as plain text and as I crawled through the dump for any traces of my note, nope. Nothing.

As non-tech-savvy as it might sound, the note literally dissolved into thin air.

I have no clue what could cause the issue, I suspect it has to do with the way Obsidian handles memory. I had Obsidian up for approximately 2 days in a row while continuously editing large notes. The lost note had around 2.5k words. If it matters I have been copy/pasting lots of images into Obsidian.

I found this issue from 2020 which is exactly what occurred with me. Although just like my case, it could not be replicated or proven.

I am running Obsidian v0.15.9 (Latest) on Windows 10. I am NOT using the legacy editor.

Did you try the file recovery plugin?

Are you using any kind of sync service (Obsidian Sync, Dropbox, etc.) on your vault?


+1 @CawlinTeffid’s suggestions.

Also if you please, post the results of “Show debug info” command.

And that thread you linked to was almost certainly related to iCloud+Windows which has known issues, and is definitely replicated.


I just tried it and wow. I got it back. In File Recovery, there was a couple of snapshots. The last snapshot was 0 bytes. The snapshot right before that was my full note. Thank you!!!

Where does File Recovery save snapshots by the way?

Again, thank you very much!

Yay, I’m glad you got your work back!

I don’t know where File Recovery stores anything. Try Obsidian Help or the forum (I think I recall seeing a bit of talk about it in a forum thread).

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Yeah, I’d like to know this as well.

I’ve messed up a many files playing with templates/templater, went to file recovery, but was confused about the big red blocks and what to ignore or recover.

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