- Publish your Obsidian notes with Jekyll for free!

Hi there !

Some of you may know the Jekyll template ‘Simply-Jekyll’ - well, it wasn’t so simple to use it with Obsidian.

After some tweaking, it is now 95% compatible (no inline-transclusion, yet !) : wikilinks work, wikilinks with alt-text work, Latex works, code is properly highlighted and indented, automatic table of content generation, text is larger, etc.

A demo is here :

I’m transferring my notes to my site, and it works great as a CMS ! (in french :frog: but you can figure out the design)

Building is fast, I’ve got around 45 notes uploaded already, with lots of complex content (tables, Latex, code, images, etc.), and it takes 3-5 seconds to build.

Check it on Github, there’s even a “Deploy to Netlify” button :smiley: :

Deploy to Netlify

If you have any questions, please ask ! Jekyll is easy to boot and configure, but I know that it may be intimidating at the beginning, so do not hesitate. Besides, it will help me improve the explanations on the website.

Ho, yeah, I’m looking for a job/internship as a Data Scientist/Analyst in the next months, so If you’ve got a need, do not hesitate to PM me.


This template has been featured on the topic dedicated to Jekyll integration with Obsidian.

You may find it here

Thanks a lot!

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Does this template works with and supports the block referencing feature?

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Obsidian is pushing its own proprietary markdown dialect, and [[page^blocknumber]] referencing is clearly against portability as the block referencing system isn’t open-source, which mean I can’t port this functionality.

However, you can take advantage of Kramdown’s auto-referencing of paragraphs, which also works in Obsidian - you just have to put the header name in lowercase and add ‘-’ between the words.

Anyway, good suggestion and I’ll check how I can implement a port of header-referencing that is Obsidian-friendly. :+1:


Hey there! I also made a fork of Simply Jekyll ( , and I’m looking to integrate with Obsidian. It’s really promising to see someone else working on a similar idea!

Is there anything specific you added to make it work? I’m very new to Obsidian but I’m super excited to start using it and figuring out how to make a Jekyll project where you can drag-and-drop your Vault and have it generate as intended.

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Wow! It’s awesome! I featured you on the post on Jekyll forum and, when you’ll have implemented support for Obsidian, also in the thread about it on this forum:

In fact, I did the same. But I am not sharing all my obsidian entire obsidian vault - journal and private notes are not synced with Github. Also, I was not able to use the Jekyll tags properly, so ended up creating context notes to serve as tags. has that. (Wish I waited for a week and copied your code, instead of hacking on Raghav’s code without knowing ruby!)

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Neat, I like your theme, it seems very mature. Congrats ! Check _includes/content.html for the code that allows [[wikilink|alt name]]. I’ll see if I can push code to your repo allowing you to do this later in the day.

You can read the article on about Obsidian integration, too.