New Plugin: Journey - Find the story between your notes

Hey, thank you for the update! I’m feeling like googleMaps now but just with notes!
I have one thing, don’t know if you are on it allready.

The Journey Between Note-Count-Folder/Sonstiges/BIBLIOGRAPHIE/Keller, Gottfried - Gesammelte Briefe and 0204j

  • Note-Count-Folder/Sonstiges/BIBLIOGRAPHIE/Keller, Gottfried - Gesammelte Briefe 3.1
  • Note-Count-Folder/:brain: Brain/0003 Buchstabengarten
  • Note-Count-Folder/:brain: Brain/0001 Bücher
  • #B <–THIS!!
  • 0204l Vormärz
  • #review
  • 0204j Biedermeier

It seems like the tool is taking the route over a #Tag with “B”, but there is no #B in both of the notes. In both Notes there is an #Bücher or #Biedermeier (words with #B in it), and I think it is just taking the #B from these Tags to connect these. But normaly there should not be a connection.
Is this an issue or just my problem?

Greetings, Leo :slight_smile:


Is there a way to extend the window? My note-names are to long…

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Hey there!

Can you please file an issue over on github for the tag issue? I’ve tested it myself and the problem turns out that the codes doesn’t handle the Umlaut correctly. (#buecher works, #bücher gets cut to #b)

For the long note names, let’s consider that a new feature to look into!

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Smart! Didn’t think of that! #justgermanthings
Will fill the issue.

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Hi @Daveb08! Yeah, sorry I changed the UI in the meantime :slight_smile: I’m editing a new walk-through video right now. Glad you got help figuring it out – Thank you @ShaneNZ

Edit: Here’s the new feature video :tada:


@akaalias, thanks for the info. Plug-in is now working for me. Having ‘played’ around with it I have two (2) observations/requests-

  1. Is there a way to NOT blacken the background behind the Plug-in screen or to have a UI slider to minimize the intensity. I’d like to be able to read the File info ribbon on the left or the Tag ribbon when I have it available on the right.

  1. And, I’m not sure of the relevance of the different colors used in the result window, but on my monitor screen (not like the png capture), its nearly impossible to read the results. Again, as in #1 above, maybe a slider to reduce the color intensity or selection of no color (if there is no relevence) for the search results.

Thanks for listening.

Hey there! Great questions – I hope I can help with some of it.

  1. As of now, there’s no way for me to change the background opacity (The modal you see comes from Obsidian)
  2. Good to know! Until I figure out theme-support, try the “High-Contrast” feature that can be turned on in the plugin settings. That should be white text on black background.

Let me know!

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Thanks for both suggestions-

  1. Your plug-in works great (as I hoped) with the 3rd Minimal Theme. Which I use other than when I need to test with plain vanilla Obsidian options, and

  2. Turning on “High-Contrast” also did the trick.

I am a beginner with Obsidian but also a professional homeopath (healer using energy medicine) and as a beginner I am fearful that notes will get lost in my chaotic linking. Also, worrying that my objectives will get lost in the clutter of trying to get organized. I am describing analytical methods in homeopathy and also looking for thematic mind/body connections between descriptions of homeopathic energy medicines (remedies).

Journey looks like it might ease my anxiety about link chaos.

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Please, everybody let’s remain civil and in topic.


This is such a great idea.

Some thoughts:

As a power user
I want the Find Journey modal to function like the Obsidian wiki link search
So that I can avoid context-switching between search modes
And I can focus on finding the links between my notes instead of wrestling with a dialog box.

As a power user
I want the Find Journey modal to show more than a handful of wiki link search results
So that I can use the plugin the same way I use the native Obsidian search.

Some examples…

I have several notes on Luhmann, but the modal appears restricted to only show 5 notes, 4 of which are source/reference notes with the names truncated due to space:

I also have several notes regarding particular focus areas of Luhmann’s method, but these are not displayed:

… unless I include the apostrophe:

Compare the above to the same type of search using the Obsidian native quick switcher search:

Quick switcher search returns more relevant results in an easier to read format.

And the quick switcher search supports partial matches for fuzzy searching, which makes search far more fluid:

Now having said all of that, it would be EVEN BETTER if it functioned like the wiki link search. I have a separate feature request in to the devs to make the quick switcher (shown above) function more like the wiki link search: Quick switcher output should match wiki link popup format to reduce visual noise


This IMO is the ideal format because it moves the paths to subtle text below the actual note name, making visual scanning much easier.

This may in fact be something best implemented as a hook in the Obsidian plugin API, allowing the execution of a search like this with the results returned to the caller which could be any arbitrary plugin, allowing plugins to implement searching using the Obsidian native capabilities rather than reinventing the wheel. I’ll submit a feature request for that as well.

Edit: Submitted feature request.


Thank you for your reply. I am happy to communicate with anyone who is clear about their message. I decided that I should not have mentioned what I am really doing. I understood that you were asking why I wanted to use your plugin, but I guess that is not true.

I am sorry to hear that your friend’s father died of COVID. The death toll is so much higher than the epidemic alone should cause. I am well aware that people die of COVID. I wear a mask, and follow the general guidelines to discourage the spread of COVID.

I have a website which offers free individualize tutorials to teach individuals how to find the curative remedy for the beginning and intermediate signs and symptoms of any disease including the flu and COVID. My objective is to teach individual how not to need to go to the hospital with anything that could be treated at home. This is a big issue because at the moment, hospitals cannot treat any but the most serious cases. Clearly, problems requiring hospital care are being neglected. I am not suggesting to anyone that they do not go to the hospital or avoid standard medical care, if that is possible. It is well known that at least the initial symptoms of infective diseases such as the flu cannot be easily treated by conventional medicine. Most reliable information involves nutrition and lifestyle. My method goes beyond those basics.

My effort leads to decreasing the burden on the hospital system with cases that could have been cured as simple cases similar to the flu if they had been treated with the method that I am teaching.

I do not try to reach the whole world, because most people are not reachable. I respond to individuals who reach out to me. Usually they have a background in alternative medicine.

I hope this reply is going to you as an individual. I responded to you because gave me the feeling that you were interested in communication. I am 72 years old and I am not familiar with this kind of discussion group. Sorry, I misread your message.

Ellen Madono


I am sorry too. I do not understand the system. I hope I can learn.


Hi all, I’ve got some good news! :tada:

I just pushed the latest release with two new features that allow you

  1. to automatically create links in your clipboard and
  2. optionally have them be transclusions as well.

I personally dig the transclusion option a lot because the plugin now automatically compiles a rough first draft for me :crazy_face:– Great idea, @anon27868835!

Here’s the overview of how to turn those two features on:

New Features

Automatic Linking

If set, will turn titles in the list into links to their respective note. (Off by default)

Example output (All note titles are links):

Automatic Transclusion

If set, will automatically create transcluding links for you (’![[note]]’ instead of ‘- [[note]]’) (Off by default)

Example output (All links are transcluded):

Bug Fixes

Fixes mutated vowel/umlaut-tag problems #6


Cool! Good stuff; thanks!

Regarding the search function, it turns out that the plugin API already has something that may solve this exact problem: FuzzySuggestModal.

I’m not a plugin dev so I didn’t realize that before.

@akaalias Is there a reason you (appear to, at least) implement your own search function rather than using the Obsidian native search capabilities?

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Good call! I’ve been talking to @WhiteNoise on Github about a shared search component. I’m not sure if this is it but he said he’d look into creating an API for it.

Hey there! As I’m looking to fix the plugin icon I was wondering:

Is there a professional designer here who would like to take a stab at coming up with something better than the following?


Given this is a free plugin, I would ask for free design work as well. However, if that keeps you from considering, PM me with a quote :slight_smile:

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I’m happy to help you out with that :slight_smile: Do you have any concepts/ideas in mind that you like me to start from? (other than the map marker above)


Yes! I’ll put some concepts/ideas together and share them.

What if we collect a bunch of ideas and put them up for a preliminary concept vote - and only then flesh out the winner? Would you still be interested?

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Yep, I’m all good with that - whatever works best :slight_smile: