New Plugin: Journey - Find the story between your notes

Okay! Here are some ideas we can start with.

Update: Share your feedback at →

I like the idea of doing a poll. Let’s do that tomorrow.

Beforehand, if anyone wants to add more ideas, please do so!


I don’t have a fleshed out visual concept to share but a little idea that came to mind when I tried to envision something fitting for Journey.

The concept of a journey through time and the synergy between the past and future weaving paths through the now.

It’s very cool that you are doing this. I would love to help if I thought it wouldn’t give me a perfectly good reason to avoid my own project. If I thought I could put something good together quickly, I totally would help, but unfortunately/fortunately I have my hands full.

Good luck. I hope it works out. You have a great start and deserve plenty of help.


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Totally dig this. The weaving part got me thinking of arrows, then fabric and THEN celtic knots. That’s an interesting direction I had not thought of. Good stuff, thank you :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!

I’d love, nay, NEED your annotation feedback on the above concepts!

Please click here and use the GREEN marker to show/highlight/mark your FAVORITES.

This should be fun, looking forward to seeing your feedback.

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Some nice stuff in there @akaalias :slight_smile: Just wanted to add that from a UX design/interactive perspective, we’re going to need a concept that:
a) has a distinctive silhouette relative to other icons in the sidebar (image of the top 20-odd plugins active, not all of which have icons)
b) has limited internal detailing required to understand what it is (due to size constraints)
c) doesn’t rely on colour to communicate (light vs dark themes, and also contrast issues)

That implies some variation of the original map marker icon may be warranted. It has a distinctive shape which can be made more distinctive.

Otherwise, I like the very first image in the top left, the circle with the dashed path to the X, with the possible addition of a question mark in the middle of the path denoting that there is an unknown path in this journey and the plugin will find it.

Yes that does fit the criteria, but there are others general shapes that could work - a footprint for example.

This is brilliant. Thank you I am using it as a story process for therapeutic work and its just so far the third arm i never new i needed. Loving it

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If you looking for a symbol following on from your Celtic Knot mention earlier maybe go for an affinity symbol of two continuous interconnected hoops that feed off and in to each other. Failing that I use a hot air balloon cartoon to represent the reflective journey (birds eye calm view) in my work with peoples stories


Hey @ShaneNZ!

Agreed on the specs you lay out. I guess that’s the challenge :slight_smile:

So, I’ve put together the four top-voted concepts – in no particular order – that we should focus on.

(Btw: I did not vote myself here, these are all community votes. Now, If I had to choose one, I would go with the Weave – Shout out to @I-d-as for the inspiration!)

Given those four options, what would you suggest we do next?


Awesome @KaneDodgson!

I’m curious what you’ve found!

And with that: I wonder if we should start another thread somewhere to share stories we’ve found.

Even if we come from different domains and even if it’s just a list of note titles.

I’d also love to hear your workflow afterwards.

Paging @EhuddRomero, @alltagsverstand, @anon27868835, @matteor, @cestvrai, @thoresson, @I-d-as, @osgav and @Erick_James_Dodge for input – Does any one want to own this sort of “Awesome Journeys Show and Tell” thread?

To kick this off, here’s what’s been working for me:

  1. Every other day I open the window and use “I feel lucky” until I see a start and end note that sounds interesting.
  2. I let the plugin find the path which it usually (9/10 times) finds.
  3. From let’s say 10 such journeys I usually find one that really piques my interest (“Follow the tickle”)
  4. I then copy this one journey into a collection note called “Cool Journeys”
  5. Because I auto-transclude the links (see settings below) I switch into reader mode and read through the outline that has been created for me. This is my favorite part!
  6. Then I add a section underneath called “What sparks my interest?” and write down additional bullet-points of what it is about this journey that I enjoy

My settings are:

  • Forward and backlinks enabled
  • Include tags
  • Take the scenic route (MOCs start at 22 links)
  • Exclude Daily Notes and Source (original articles) folders
  • Enabled auto-linking
  • Enabled auto-transclusion (My personally most favorite option)

And finally, a raw and messy and yet somehow “me” path that I discovered: The Journey Between Neurodiversity and The Empire State Building


I’d hate to complicate the, so far, very smooth process you have developed here, but I can see possibilities for hybridizing the Weave and Pathway and Infinity ideas. The Weave already has what could be construed as two infinity symbols interlocking, but I wouldn’t hit the nail too hard on the head with that, although it is a nice secret meaning for people to discover. Also, the Weave, is pleasing yet a bit static, and feels like its parts aren’t quite as integrated as one might expect given the nature of Journey.

Maybe, treating the Weave with some Pathways adding more three dimensional depth, there could be connections, like off ramps merging between the two elements ad infinitum. Although it is an endless web with a rhythm, you could imply an almost arbitrary beginning and end point. This concept could be leveraged by the part in your Weave design where the line weight changes. But I also think there should be some tertiary journeys implied at smaller scale like pit stops on the planned route where it almost looks like you have changed course momentarily (more of a day trip with its own mini stops). With this it could use self similarity and read almost as a generated fractal.

Finally, the so called “beginning” and “end” theme could be played up for effect implying a sort of cliche “ending where you started” hero’s journey idea where there is also a realization after the journey that, while gone, you found parts from home out on the journey and then with this growth you returned home better appreciating what you already had.

I know I am spinning a lot here, but this actually runs in alignment with something I am working on, so I am happy to hear you and a few others liked what you did with my “inspiration”, regardless of which path you take from here. I appreciated the shout out; it was very generous. You sure know how to get things done and I am impressed with how you got the ball rolling. Can’t wait to see where it lands, although, we all know that it is just as important where it started, with/through you.


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Hey there! Sounds good but I can’t visualize your idea. Can you show us rather than tell? Even if it’s just a quick sketch and photo.


I am thinking someone else would be able to do a better icon than I would, but just wanted to try to contribute to the discussion. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

If I do come up with something I am comfortable with, of course I would post it.


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I’ll mock up some options along each concept and share them here; then get a bit of feedback from people and make a decision (or do some tweaks). Up to you on the deciding bit, but it’s your plugin so I think at the very least you should have final say on any voting decisions :slight_smile:

Might take me a few days; I’m near the deadline for a large bit of work at work and have to focus there. Will have it done by the end of the weekend at the latest though.


@akaalias Suggestion: Ability to enter only Start or End for semi-controlled journeys. Useful for writing a paper & hoping for a new thread to pop up for inclusion.

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Amazing, yes thank you.

And NO HURRY at all on this. We’re all doing this on our free time (I’m slammed with client work at the moment, too.) So, if you need a week, great. If you need a month, please do. Just keep me/us in the loop.

For having the final vote – I think so, too. I very much like the idea of voting for all and having a “decider decision” in a team. I learned that here (See bullet 4 and 5): The Remote Design Sprint Guide — The Design Sprint

Super interesting – Two thoughts:

  1. Could this be done already in the following way? You figure out a Start note, keep it in mind and use the “I feel lucky” button to shuffle through randomly and then enter the Start note, keeping the randomize End note?
  2. Or are you imagining this to be “half blind” where you only enter the Start (or End), hit the button and it’ll just randomly select the other note “under the hood”?

Curious what you think!

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@I-d-as no worries! Thank you for your thoughtful input. Always appreciated :slight_smile: I’m excited to see what @ShaneNZ comes up with for the weave!

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I’ll chime in on this, I think the I feel lucky should place a random note in either field only if they’re blank, basically your option #2 there. One of the first times I used it, that was what I tried to do/expected to happen.