New Folder: Create in Current Folder

Currently Obsidian puts all new folders created by clicking on the “New Folder” icon into the root of the vault.

It would be nice if it would follow the “Default location for new notes” setting. Which would work elegantly with: Manually Choose to Create New File in Root folder or Current Folder & Hotkey for “Create New Folder”

I understand I can arbitrarily put them wherever I want by context clicking on where I want them to go & choosing “New Folder” from the context menu.


Agreed, this would be really useful! Especially when you have a long list of folders, it’s tedious to drag the new folder to where you want it to be.

Please add this feature.

I use GitHub - JeppeKlitgaard/ObsidianTweaks: A plugin that implements a number of tweaks that should've been native to Obsidian. and a hotkey for “New adjacent file”

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Thx, its working.