Better folder creation with "Move current file to another folder"

Use case

I want to move a current note my_note in a new folder folder_new. This new folder can be located anywhere in my vault.

Currently, the command “Move current file to another folder”, can do that. Actually, you just have to type the full path of the new folder and it works. If I write something like very/long/path/to/folder_new/, then the current note is moved to this folder folder_new and the folder is created, which is very cool.

The main problem is that the path where to create my folder might very long. Many people use folders to structure the organization of their notes so when you want to add a new folder at depth 4+ (or if the names of your folders are long), it turns to be long to type the full path, especially if you mistype something.

Proposed solution

The idea is the add feature to the prompt of the “Move current file to another folder”. This feature would be to replace the input by one of suggestion result made by the fuzzy search. Here is a use case, I added a turn the text in bold where it describes the new feature, the rest is already implemented in Obsidian.

  1. I use the command “Move current file to another folder”
  2. I type some letters which match with very/long/path/to folder
  3. The fuzzy search results contain the folder very/long/path/to
  4. Place my cursor (with <Down> arrow) to the result very/long/path/to. If very/long/path/to is the first result, the default location is already correct, no need to navigate through results.
  5. Press <Tab> or <Right> arrow. It would fill the prompt with very/long/path/to, so I do not have to type it
  6. Enter the rest of the path: /folder_new/my_note (in our case the prompt is now very/long/path/to/new_folder/my_note
  7. Press <Enter>, it creates the new folder and move my_note inside it.

Current workaround (optional)

  • Use the mouse
  • Folder note plugin: if very/long/path/to is a folder note, I can quickly navigate with “Open note”, I create a note named new_folder, turns it as a folder note and go back to my_note to use the command Move current file to another folder. I do not like this because it creates a useless note (new_folder) and it requires that the parent folder very/long/path/to is a folder note.

Related feature requests (optional)

I believe this feature request is a bit similar. But the workaround works only if new_folder should be located in the same folder as my_note.

Thanks for your time. Let me know if I am alone that is allergic to the mouse when I use Obsidian and use a lot of folder to organize my notes haha. Also thanks to Obsidian dev for the nice software!

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