Hotkey for "Create New Folder"

One of the strength of a note-taking tool is IMHO the possibility to use hotkeys wherever possible. One of the little things I am missing at the moment is the ability to create a new folder with a keyboard shortcut (e.g. with COMMAND+SHIFT+N).
Would be very comfortable to have it in Obsidian. It makes things faster and more fluent :kissing_heart:


I feel that Obsidian is missing a bunch of very obvious hot keys like this, disappointing.

How is this not a thing yet?

PLEASE Implement this

I really hope that it will be possible. Creating folders by hotkey is very necessary.

landed here looking for a way to do this. If not as a shortcut, it would be great to at least be able to do this from the command palette.

We can already move files between folders from it, but there doesn’s seem to be a way to create new folders.

I’m also quite surprised, that obvious things like this don’t have commands/hotkeys.