Basic functions that don't have shortcuts

New Folder. No shortcut.

I’ve seen posts where many users have requested this and the response here is simply mind boggling.

Because this argument shows a total disconnect from reality and a lack of understanding on so many levels.

Because you can create folders by typing, this does not means there is no need for it.

There is a need for it and your argument is invalid.

Because if it was valid the examples below would be valid too.

Example 1:
You want a keyboard shortcut for Copy and Paste?
No, not gonna happen. You can already click your mouse here and there so there is no need for it. Hangs up the phone.

Example 2:
Most functions in the top menu bar have shortcuts, there is no need for it, but we added it anyway.

Example 3:
Oh you want a car that has actual brakes?
No sorry, there is no need for that because if you let go of the gas early enough it will stop too.

Example 4:
You want a remote control for your TV? Ridiculous idea.
You can just stand up a, walk to the tv and change the channel.
There really is no need for it.

I could give 100 more examples , but i hope there is no need for that.

If it’s too much to deal with, please add New Folder , New Canvas to the top menubar.
Then users can decide for themselves if there is a need for it.
If you hate what you do , then please go do something else.


I agree, that keyboard shortcut for “Create New Folder” is a core feature that should be added. Having the ability to (a) auto-create folders for new notes, or (b) go to finder to create folders, are not the ideal solution for Obsidian.

I often use ⌘+F12 (mapped to “Reveal current note in navigation”), and then create 2-3 folders, so I can move additional external files, like PDFs or similar, into the Vault. Currently, creating those attachment folders requires the mouse, while all other steps can be done by keyboard (using Alfred to move files from my “Downloads” folder to an existing folder in my Vault)

Since this is a general “Shortcuts” thread:

I also propose to allow UNBINDING the F1 shortcut for Help. That’s the key I use to create new folders, and it’s an uncommon way to open the app’s help pages on a Mac

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