Manually Choose to Create New File in Root folder or Current Folder

Since Obsidian contains folders, it would make our lives easier to have two separate options to create a file in either the root folder or inside the folder you’re currently working in, instead of a single default behavior (which is what we have now).

Possible solutions:

Obsidian already has an option to change the default behavior:

So, instead of adding another option, Shift can be used as a modifier to reverse the default behavior.

Let me elaborate:

Default option selected: Create new file in root folder.

Shortcut / hotkey:

  • Ctrl+N creates file in root directory - Default behavior
  • Ctrl+shift+N creates file in the working directory (same directory as the currently opened file) - Reversed Behavior

Clicking on new [[page]] links:

  • Single click creates file in root directory - Default Behavior
  • Shift+click creates file in the working directory - Reversed

I hope I was able to clearly communicate the idea. Hopefully this or a better solution will be implemented in the app soon, because it will negate or reduce the need to manually organize newly created files in the file explorer.