Network Connections (Network Traffic)

All the instances where obsidian generates network traffic

  1. When you open one of your notes that embeds online content. For example, an image ![cat](
  2. Periodically check for updates (can be disabled in the settings)
  3. When you access your account in Settings
  4. When you use Obsidian Sync
  5. When you use Obsidian Publish
  6. When you browse/download third-party themes
  7. When you browse/download third-party plugins
  8. If you have third party plugins enabled, there is a check, done once every 12 hours from the time the app starts up, which fetches a file hosted on GitHub we use to issue “plugin deprecations”. This file is used to remotely disable specific versions of plugins that are known to malfunction, cause data loss, or could potentially be vulnerable or malicious.
  9. The plugins you enable can also generate network traffic