Multiple quick note windows

Use case or problem

I would like:

  • Multiple editor windows open at once, because I don’t always finish processing note 1, before needing to write note 2
  • Ability to open quickly e.g. ‘win key + n’ (since I want to minimise the time from thinking something to capturing it)
  • Ability to have a minimal view for the quick note (to minimise distractions)
  • Ability to expand to full featured view (to access another feature e.g. search)

Proposed solution

Approach such as the attached, which Onenote has.
This shows 2 notes, opened with the shortcut ‘win key + n’, both with a minimal view, and full featured view.

Related feature requests

Floating \ Pop-out \ Multiple windows of the same vault (the problem is that this is read only)
Open the same vault/note in a separate window (this is only a partial solution to my above request)
Allow a second instance of the same vault (this was merged into the post above)

This is possible already

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@WhiteNoise how is it possible? Obviously I googled before posting and couldn’t find how :cry:

Drag and drop, or use the three-dot menu bar at the top of a note to choose ‘move to new window’. You can also set your own Hotkey if you want to.


  1. How can I create a ‘hotkey’ that will operate before Obsidian is loaded?
  2. How can I expand the minimal view to full view? e.g. show the files pane?

Settings > Hotkeys:

Search “Move current tab to new window” and/or “Current Tab to new Window”

Add a hotkey binding (if there isn’t already, you may choose to use the default instead).

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