Open the same vault/note in a separate window

Right now if I’m working on a note and want to open another note, I’ll have to click on the new note then go back to the other when I’m done.

A work around is to open a new note using my text editor instead of Obsidian.

Also to be able to open the same vault in separate windows would help since I have three monitors. What do you think?



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The other workaround is nested vaults, which is better if you want Obsidian functionality in both vaults.

Hi .
I also would find that very usefull , being able to open many windows for the same vault.

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I also agree this would be a great feature to add. I often need to reference 1 window, and open and close a bunch of others as I reference it. Also, being that I use it mostly on my iPad, scrolling between all the windows would be much easier if they were separate windows.