Obsidian Release v0.15.6

Shiny new things

Important note

There are some important internal changes in this version. You most likely need to check for updated version of the plugins you use right after updating Obsidian.

Pop-out windows

Introducing Pop-out Windows. Just drag a view outside of the app to open the view in its own window.

New Commands

  • Open current pane in new window
  • Move current pane to new window
  • Toggle window always on top (only available for pop-out windows)

Pop-out windows work just like any other view within Obsidian; they can hold files, graphs, and even plugin views.

Striving to feel more native on macOS

  • Will now use your system font by default on Windows and macOS. You can customize this in settings. To use the old font, configure obsidian to the font “Inter” (You may have to manually install this font before using it)
  • The app menu on macOS has been revamped to be more consistent with the OS.
  • The native scrollbar styling for macOS is now used throughout the app. This can still be overridden by themes.

Keyboard Accessibility

  • Added keyboard navigation to the File Explorer, Tag pane, and Search views Arrow keys to move through items, Enter / Shift+Enter to select.
  • Sidebar panes can now receive focus. This change allows hotkeys to work in editors moved into the sidebar.
  • Pressing Esc within a sidebar view will refocus your last note.


  • New users will now automatically start with Live Preview. Users currently using the legacy editor will be prompted about the legacy editor going away in a future release.
  • Window title will now include the active file name.
  • “Safe mode” has been renamed to “Restricted mode”.
  • “Open in default app” is no longer a Core plugin and the functionality has been moved into core.
  • On macOS, Ctrl+N/P can now be used to navigate suggestion results similar to Up/Down arrow keys.
  • Checkboxes within settings can now receive keyboard focus.


  • Refer to this guide for ensuring your plugin is compatible with pop-out windows.
  • CodeMirror 6 has been updated from v0.19 to v6.0. If your plugin uses cm6 extensions, please upgrade to v6.0 soon, and make sure you set your minAppVersion to 0.15.0. Refer to the migration guide for more information.
  • Upgraded MathJax to v3.2.1.
  • Upgraded Mermaid to v9.12.

For a complete list of the changes, refer to the individual release notes: