Missing feedback for users on non-synced files | More info on website required

There are a couple of big issues atm (imo), related to how Obsidian Sync handles the file size limit. This should be in the bug section perhaps.

  1. The file size limit is barely mentioned in the whole website. It’s not on Obsidian Sync at all (as I write this). It’s on a small paragraph (of many) in the last section of the help section for Obsidian Sync. So as a subscriber, I should have scanned the whole Help for such a key restriction in a file sync service? Surely this should be more prominent?

  1. Not knowing the above, where is the app feedback that some files are not syncing? Where are the warnings or errors? There aren’t any. I subscribed, files work well locally but eventually I notice something is missing in other devices. Let me check the logs:

Good. Let me check the UI in the file/folder - all good.

Let me do a full scan of the docs. Oh, >200MB files are completely ignored only for the Sync. It seems wrong that these are supported filetypes that work locally perfectly fine, but are not being synced with no feedback to users. Like Dropbox has for sync issues (a pop-up, an icon of the app indicating an error, an icon next to the file in Finder indicating it’s not synced).

This makes me so less confident about using Obsidian Sync, as I don’t trust it to save my data. You also recommend not using a 3rd party sync at the same time, so files are not backed up by other services as they are added, and we need some kind of old school backup scheduled. Not ideal.

Here’s users making posts that would had been avoided:

Current workaround

Use iCloud for sync instead.

Linking a related thread on Twitter, thanks for listening! https://twitter.com/kepano/status/1742703289408655625