Finding files to large for Obsidian Sync

I just found that a file in my vault wasn’t available on all devices, even though I have Obsidan to sync all file types. Searching the forums the reason turned out to be that the file is larger than 100 MB, which is the file size limit for Obsidian Sync.

Is there a way to easily find all files over that limit in my vault? I can do a search in MacOS finder, but wonder if there is some way within Obsidian?


Seems to me that there ought to be a warning from Sync. If there wasn’t, that ought to be a FR for Sync. Pretty essential for a program specific sync solution, I would have thought.

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If you install Dataview, you can use this code block.

LIST file.size
SORT file.size DESC

Change the limit to whatever you want to see.

From the documentation:

file.size: The size (in bytes) of the file (a number).
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