Videos do not sync either from mobile to desktop or the other way around

Steps to reproduce

Create a new text file, and insert a video file (in my case .mp4). Video plays fine in both the text file, and standalone. The text file is synced (either when created on Desktop or on Android) but the video is NEVER synced, even after waiting for days.

Expected result

For the video file to sync to the other device, but it never happens.

Actual result

The .md file that I tag the video in does sync, but the video file never syncs. In fact, when opening the Sync log, it says that the text file is pushed, but it has no information (not even error message) about the video file.


  • Operating system: Manjaro linux KDE, and Samsung A72 (Android 11)
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.10 for Desktop (flatpack), 1.0.3 on Android

Additional information

The video file is .mp4 and the size is 462.2 MB, the name does not contain any illegal characters (only numbers and one underscore)

Did you enable syncing of video files? Default setting is off.

Yep, it is on for both devices

Did you include the folder in which the video is stored?

Where is the video file stored?

Yep, no folder is excluded, the video file is stored inside the same folder of my vault where the text file that tagged it is. The text file syncs, the video does not. I can open the folder in my system explorer and see both of them there, along with the other notes.

The reason why it doesn’t work is that the maximum file size is 100 MB.
This limitation is by design, therefore I’ll close this. Please open a feature request if you want to sync bigger files.

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