Allow syncing of files over 100 MB

This is in response to this thread: Videos do not sync either from mobile to desktop or the other way around

Why is there a limitation on video file size? It is my understanding that the synced files are not stored in your servers, and therefore there is no reason as to why they would be limited in size. If you are concerned on users eating up all the free space of their mobile phones, maybe add another Sync option to 'Allow syncing of files over 100 MB?"


Preempting the devs here, but data transfers are not just dependent on your system but affect their servers.

Sure, but 1) Not many people will transfer big files, 2) they won’t be transferring big files ALL the time, 3) they are paying customers so they contribute to the cost of the servers.

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They are. An encrypted version of the vault is stored on the server.

Any chance we can have as a future feature to get Obsidian to sync files >100MB across devices but NOT store on the server, if that’s such a big problem?