Minimap: "Where am I in this way too long document?"

As per this comment, I’ll make a separate feature request from it:

How about a Minimap, as Sublime Text, Atom, and other editors and IDE have it?

(Personally, I don’t have that many long documents in my second brain, but I really dig this feature in source code editors.)


Possible duplicate / merge candidate for this thread regarding an in-document outline.


I like this idea and definitely think it would make navigating longer documents easier. In the meantime, my current idea for a workaround is to create a “Table of Contents” (TOC) document to keep open while working on a long document. This TOC document could contain header links to each main section of the long document.

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Great idea!

Bumped due to the fact that the core plugin, Outliner, isn’t exactly what we want.

I’d like to almost replace my verticle scrollbar with a minimap that I can scroll through, much like with vscode. Bonus points if you can hide/show the minimap with your cusror close enough to the edge.

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like in VSCode minimap.
like minimap for webpage.

probably you can use pagemap · mini map for web pages · for building.


Thank you! I came in here for this. I happen to have some longer files in my obsidian publish and being able to have this feature on the web would be awesome. Web dev is def a new thing for me.

related to:

Bumped this due to my urge of having this working ASAP.

GitHub - lrsjng/pagemap: Mini map for web pages. was a really cool find!

EDIT: Here’s another thread bump I made recently: Minimap: "Where am I in this way too long document?" - #5 by gfy. Little more detailed of a response.