Breadcrumb / path display / list view for "How'd I get here"

I am a bit confused.

Is this same as file tree ? or is it something like path we trace in the graph view ?

It’s a bit like you checked your browser history, but only in the context of the file you’re currently browsing.


What about plugin that allowed you to browse your notes with an interface somewhat like Andy’s Notes?


Already done! Doesn’t even require a plug-in. See @death_au’s Andy Mode:

A search of the forum/Discord for “andy mode” returns a few themes with it built-in.


I’d rather have a real list view in the sidebar. While I really appreciate “Andy Mode”, to me it appears it’s rather for consumption than for production.


A breadcrumb to figure out where we are within a long document.

A history pane to see how we ended up at a particular node. Why not a graph representation of this as well since there is already graph visualisation capabilities, which would show the complete exploration with number of times a node has been revisited and the amount of time spent at each node.


Long ago I used to use the app TheBrain and it had the best visual representational of links between nodes compared to any mind map apps since you could link any node to anything just like Obsidian does for notes. I think the graph view if it’s modified to work as a way to open the notes themselves could give a lot of the breadcrumb and closely connected notes at one go.

I imagine the graph view open in one pane on the left and I cmd+click on a node in the graph to open the note in a right side pane. The graph view then keeps the connected notes highlighted so I can anytime refer to them. There could be a simple ± button to select how many levels deep to highlight and default to 1 but for certain cases looking at more connections could be helpful. If I then open another connected note in another right pane split vertically, the graph view could highlight that note in a different colour and all its neighbours in the same colour.


Hmm. It looks like file history to me.

This will be a good plugin I think.

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Not within a document, but to the document.

For within a document, what you’re probably looking for, is either an auto-highlighted table of content, or better, a Minimap. which editors like Sublime Text and Atom have. (Might make a great feature request, too.)

There are two feature requests for this now:


Nice idea ! hope add Breadcrumb. more faster switch page.

If I remeber it correctly, PersonalBrain (I have used it years ago), has something like that. On the bottom of the page you could quickly go to the most recent and relevant pages

+1 – I came to the forum specifically looking for this feature.

To be clear, I am thinking about much more of a “rolling history” of exact nodes recently visited, rather than path of the current file in the file system.

Ideally, it should be another section below in the “backlinks” - and likewise, when clicked, go to that document and highlight the previously taken link


Totally Useful if made

That would be really helpful. Especially when using the references page.

Sometimes I didn’t have created a Link to the broader topic or another file where I came from and this would make it easy to jump back to the main topic, after exploring some other notes/ideas.

I saw that in RoamResearch the referenced links can be expanded directly in the file and that seems to be a great feature to quickly explore other notes.

I think an easy and usable way to quickly get back to the topics where you came from, would yield a similar benefit.


Sometimes, it is nice to have a view of where I am with regards to the navigation history kind of like in Dynalist or VS Code.

This way it is easy to navigate back to where I want to go.

This is different from Linked Mentions in that it is a long list of history.


Sup guys,

Decided to mockup a breadcrumbs idea. I created 2 concepts, one more drastic than the other, but I still like the idea.

I thought this would fit in the plugins section because it’d be something that depends on the user’s personal preference.

I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

Concept 1:

Nav bar replaces doc title with breadcrumbs, and the title is moved down to the actual contents (as seen below). This is something I personally like and can be seen in other software like Roam and Notion.

Concept 2:

Everything remains the same, except there’s a subtle breadcrumb reference on the top left of each document.


Looking at your option one, I’d reverse the direction of the breadcrumbs like so

Document Name < Parent Category < Top Category

This way, when the window is narrower and you have opened many documents from the same category, you can actually distinguish between them.


It seems to me your breadcrumbs aren’t breadcrumbs: it is the path to the location of your Hypertext Markup Language file.

Breadcrumbs are the chronology of files visited/opened.

Or do I misunderstand you?

I understand Breadcrumbs as a location to your currently open file. If we take a look at Notion’s breadcrumbs feature, it does exactly that:
In the example above, the breadcrumbs show the user the current file’s location and traces back to the last parent file.