Minimal Theme

Can the spacing be reduced between normal text and lists that follow for preview mode? In editing it looks normal but when previewing the space becomes a bit excessive.


I just recently started using Obsidian (love it!) and have a question regarding the current Minimal theme and screenshots displayed on the Minimal Guide website.

I completed the following steps outlined on the website:

  • Installed “Minimal” theme
  • Installed companion plugin “Minimal Theme Settings”
  • Installed plugin “Hider”

I then Configured Obsidian for a more “macOS-native appearance”:

  • Obsidian Appearance settings
  • Hider plugin settings
  • Minimal Theme Settings plugin settings

However, for the Minimal Theme Settings plugin, when I turned on “Text labels for primary navigation” the interface does not look the same as the screenshots displayed on the Minimal Guide website.

Instead of a House icon labeled “Notes” … I have a Folder icon labeled “Files”.

The Magnifying Glass icon labeled “Search” is next.

Instead of a Star icon labeled “Starred” … I have a Document icon with no label … and clicking on that icon displays a message “Plugin no longer active. The plugin that created this view (starred) has gone away.”

Below that is a Bookmark icon labeled “Bookmarks” and I’m wondering if that provides the same function as the non-existent Starred icon/label?

Is this difference due to the passing of time? Since it appears that the Minimal Theme was created in 2020.

And how do I remove the non-functional Document icon?

(screenshots attached)

Thanks for your help!


The screenshots are old and have not been updated so that’s the reason for the Notes/Files discrepancy.

The Starred plugin has been deprecated, it is now called Bookmarks. See Obsidian Release v1.2.6 (Insider build)

To remove the File icon right click and close pane. This is probably a remnant of a plugin you installed and removed.

Thank you for the confirmation. Much appreciated!