Obsidian Release v1.2.6 (Insider build)

Released April 26, 2023

Important: Now that Bookmarks are available on mobile, the Starred core plugin has officially been removed.


  • The ribbon context menu will now show the ribbon icons next to each menu item to make it easier to identify which ribbon items are enabled/disabled.

No longer broken

  • Bookmarks: Fixed bookmarks view not saving what bookmark groups are collapsed.
  • Bookmarks: Fixed the positioning of the bookmark view’s “no bookmarks” message.
  • macOS: “Look up” context menu item will now show a max of 40 characters.
  • Android: Fixed bug where file explorer could not drag files due to the context menu appearing.
  • Canvas: Fixed bug where pressing “edit” didn’t always zoom in far enough to edit the file.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes it was impossible to drag files into a similarly named folder.