Meta Posts Squared

Possible Future Meta Posts

  • Feature Requests
    • Meta Post - Storing
      • Filename Suggestions
      • Editor Suggestions
      • Capture Suggestions (e.g. Neural link to Obsidian)
    • Meta Post - Sorting/Structuring
      • Linking Suggestions
    • Meta Post - Selecting
      • Search Suggestions
    • Meta Post - Summarizing
      • Tag Suggestions
  • Share & Showcase
  • Plugin Ideas
  • Knowledge Management
  • Developers & API
  • Obsidian
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I would suggest something about mobile apps be added.

There’s this one:

I would also add the thread I started on iOS specific workflows:

(edit: fixed some weird linking behaviour)

Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

Original Post

What hot keys is everyone interested in having developed? Ones mentioned in feature requests so far include:


Keyboard Shortcuts


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Graph View

Original Post

Feature suggestions for the Graph View