To filter the graph view

It would be great to filter out or limit specific notes in graph view. For example, I don’t want to see any daily note in the graph. Excluding the daily note folder will do.


I think this could work if there was a “bigger” feature where the graph view responded to advanced search queries. Something like all the books tagged as #something and #toread so that you could see which ones were linked to by other sources most.

In theory you could then do something like !#journal and that would exclude any journal entries from your search. Maybe even be able to save searches like this, or set a default view search?


Agreed! Advanced queries of the graph would be excellent. E.g. by folder location, tags, etc.


Even being able to view the disconnected subgraphs in the main graph would be a really great feature


Yes, I just asked about this option in the Discord yesterday. Would very much like to see this soon.

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If there are searched, then there needs to also be saved searches. “Smart folders” and “smart graph views” that do not contain documents but views that are populated based on search and filter parameters assigned to the two “smart” objects.

Or maybe it’s just “smart folders” and these can be viewed in graph view.


This! It would be great to have a query for the graph or, at very least, a way to “focus” on a node and its paths. For example: I start my view with the full graph. If I click one node and “focus” on it, the graph view would fade all other nodes that are not in a path to/from the selected node.


+1 - I need this :slight_smile:

Or be able to filter on how many connections a node has. That way could filter out zero connection nodes.

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+1 for me as well. I would like to be able to filter/color graph nodes based on tag or node properties


Ctrl+F would make the Graph actually useful!


Being able to zoom in on the graph and having titles repel instead of being pulled to the center might also help.


And I want to be able to color the nodes manually, then we can highlight them selectively.


Definitely something like this. Graph view is pretty useless for me without it because of the number of notes I’ve imported into Obsidian.


100% onboard with this one. Personally, as an MVP I’d be happy with simply a filter by location. That is, only showing relationships from one page onward.

+1 from me too.

The Graph View is there to discover connections and it would really be useful, if we can filter certain things. Maybe string-patterns or the exclusion of folders, which is also a seperate feature request here.

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I love the ideas about filtering the graph view in this thread. Filtering in the graph view would be very useful!
I explained my idea about filtering by #hashtag and visualizing it in the graph view in a separated thread.

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+1, but keep the filter simple

+1 very useful!
and the Ctrl+F also would be very useful!


+1 as well