Parameters to localize Graph View


I’d like to see the ability to show a certain level of propagations from a note. So it only show notes that are 2-3 connections away from current note.

I’d also like the ability to keep only apply graph view to a specific folder. What other parameters would people like to impose for graph view? I see people like tiddlymap, might be worth looking at.

The Bigger Picture

My favorite example of graph view so far is wikipedia map but that is more from a curiosity standpoint and less from a utility one.

I like the idea for at least goofing around, but I haven’t seen an online blog post or video demonstration of graph view being used on notes to reach new insights, so I’m unsure about it. The only example I know about is something along the lines of Quid where it has a push and pull factor that shows “clusters”.


I would love to add this in our next push for graph view improvements.


Graph view is the key, core feautre .

Hope like this one and Tiddlymap :slight_smile:

I’d love to be able to specify the number of steps away to view connections as well.


and it also could build base on open source

but it don’t support backlink right now, just #hastags, and @ methion