Render graph view so that nodes of notes in same folder are closer

As there are more and more notes in the vault, the graph view become a little messy. So I was wondering if Obisidian can render the graph view that nodes of notes in same folder get closer, or even get enclosed by some irregular shapes or lines with the folder name on it.

The basic idea of this feature request is that when we move some notes into a folder, there should exist some connections between the notes, so it’s natural to render the connections on the graph view.


My dream here would be a customizable graph view. Something like Gephi light. With options to chose graph layout and parameters.

But that’s definitely in the nice to have category, and far from essential.

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Came to the forum just now to post a similar idea. Folders of notes need some way of being delineated from other folders.

I like the idea of customizable graph view, and in my opinion, the core feature and functionality of Obisidian is to maintain the connections between notes, everything else should be customizable.

So in the future, maybe we can have a customized graph view, a customized markdown editor, and a customized search etc.

Yes definitely. +1 for a customized graph view. I can see so much potential in this.

Example scenario:
For example as a student, I classify my study material in three categories: definitions, concepts and synthesis. And they both have reference with each other. I can link them all I want, which makes it very powerful for jumping from reference to reference. And I can see all these links in the graph view. Now what would also help is to distinguish between the different type of file. Say definition in green square nodes, concept in blue circles and synthesis in red rectangular nodes.

+1 for the graph, file in folders feature.

I started to create a _index file in every folder where I link to all the files in a folder to achieve exactly this.
It feels this should not be required to create manually all the time.

Using folder as a structure when rendering graphs sort of forces a specific hierarchy for end-users. For me, I see more benefit in using number of “shared tags” or “inter-links” as a more general and useful choice.