Manage Obsidian Trash from within the app

Now that Obsidian has builtin support for trash, I think it’d be nice to have a way access the trash in the app with three options:

  1. View the files in trash
  2. Restore one or multiple files from trash
  3. Empty trash

Desktop isn’t really an issue, but now we have mobile Obsidian (I’m on iOS/iPadOS), it would be nice to be able to see and act on the .trash folder in the mobile app.

  1. Setting to delete files after 30 days automatically would also be nice

Much needed feature


Hey @Rishi, I’m surprised it’s not a feature after over 2 years.

I’m new on the forum. Does like = upvote?

Thanks for bringing this up!

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Yes you can like it to bring it the dev’s attention. But it’s not guaranteed that the most popular ones will be implemented first.


I too would definitely value being able to view the trash inside the application
I know I have a lot of empty "Untitled"s in there :sweat_smile:

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You too??!?!

Just kidding, as it’s obviously a problem for everyone: it’s just too easy to create Untitled notes that never get filled.

Agreed … very useful. I am battling to recover a bunch of stuff right now… aarrrghh!

Obsidian has an integrated waste bin holder,
QUESTION : Where is the waste bin located?


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Agreed. If there is no access to the obsidian trash folder, then why have it as an option in settings? Otherwise it fills up…you can delete items and attachments and the iOS device blots with “junk”. How would one either review- assuming this would allow “recovery” of the deleted item - or how can you clean up the bloat…delete the app and all stored data, reinstall to resume using the app?

It is surprising a comment of, not sure if we can get the devs attention on this one was even raised.

  • even system trash doesn’t make sense…there is no way to access the iOS system trash to the average user.

Either remove the options for obsidian/system trash or have it available for recovery and or permanently delete.




Edited: A command to access Obsidian Trash was added in v1.5.

I am gonna rename this FR for clarity.


In the meantime, there’s the Trash Explorer community plugin for anyone who needs that functionality now.

The command with access to the trash is absolutely not addressing the issue mentioned in this request. Opening the command panel, entering a command to open the vault folder in the system file manager is complete nonsense. People simply need an equivalent of Obsidian Trash Explorer as a standard plugin, and that’s it.

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That’s why this FR is still open and I renamed it for clarity.

Сlearly, thank you for your response. My request, which is essentially a duplicate (I apologize for that), has been closed, and it’s clearly stated “Solved; will be implemented in v1.5,” so that caused some confusion for me on this matter.

I need it!