How to access .trash in vault?

Might have been discussed before, but I didn’t even realize that there was a ‘trash’ folder till today, and after looking around, I can’t seem to find that vault. When I delete a file, I get a message saying that the folder is located in ‘hidden vault.’
How do I access this folder?


First, you should double-check your file deletion settings in Settings -> File. I assume for the “Deleted Files” setting you have “Move to Obsidian trash (.trash folder)”.

And just as that setting states, the Obsidian trash is in the .trash folder in your vault. This folder cannot be viewed in Obsidian right now.

If you would like to view trash in Obsidian, please upvote this feature request


You don’t say which operating system you are using but you should be able to see the folder in your file browser/finder. You might have to tell your operating system to show hidden files. Instructions on how to do that are easy to find if you google your operating system and “show hidden files”.

Good luck!


If you are working on macOS the .trash folder in Obsidian is in the folder, where you save your notes = Vault. To access the .trash you have to activate the invisible files.

CMD + Shift + .

Now you see the folders “.trash” and “.obsidian” (and every other hidden folder and files). Also in the hidden obsidian folder are the plugins located. To redo this, just press the Shortcut again.


Is it accessible from Obsidian?
I’m on Androind.
It would be helpful if I can access Trash from Obsidian and get some notes back quickly? Or empty trash from inside Obsidian.


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