Local graph-like Canvas mode to show connected notes, add to Canvas

Use case or problem

To quickly build a canvas network based on existing links.

Proposed solution

It would be cool to be able to select a note element in the canvas and toggle on a Local Graph-like mode. This would temporarily show all immediate connections and possibly have a depth slider, etc. While in this mode, you could permanently add the displayed local links to the canvas by perhaps Control/Command clicking the dotted/grayed connecting line. Once the mode is toggled off, the local connections disappear except those that have been initialized.

Related feature requests (optional)



I love it! Would further allow us to quickly overview our related notes, would go well in pair with my plugin which automatically connect notes based on the semantic :heart:.


Agreed :ok_hand: this would be a brilliant feature for graph and canvas to feel more interoperable

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I would love to see something like this…


This would be another way of being able to drag tagged or linked items into a Canvas.

Anything that adds functionality to canvas, more in line with making it work like “The Literary Machine” would be wonderful.

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