Drag local graph into canvas

Use case or problem

Creating mindmaps from existing spatial connections

Proposed solution

Being able to drag a node from a graph with all single-connecting nodes directly into canvas.
Expected behaviour: to drag that node as a card, with the linked cards linking to it in the appropriate direction.

Additionally, if there is a note already in a canvas which links to other notes, pressing a hotkey could generate those as adjacent cards on the canvas, with link arrows drawn.

Related feature requests (optional)

Related request


I really like this idea. The mutual interaction between graph view and canvas should be deepened, in the end both are nothing but visual representations of connections.

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I like this.

Something that might actually be better (depending on use cases) would be to have some sort of “show graph as canvas” button which would display the graph as the graph, but rather than having dots for each file, displaying the file like the canvas does when a file is inserted.

…though that might be a whole other level of scope…

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Cool idea! Just wanted to share a similar feature request: Local graph-like Canvas mode to show connected notes, add to Canvas



+1, perfect usecase for graphs, and it’s almost exactly what i do, my canvas are a view of connected ideas, if you can just select a level of separation of connection and maybe select/unselect a few notes, that’d be super useful

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