Keep a log of notification bubbles (toast)

Use case or problem

When you are trying to recall notifications, there is nowhere to find a log of them.

Proposed solution

If there were a log, it would be much easier to understand what the notifications were communicating. Sometimes you are distracted, or there are multiple in quick succession, or you simply forget.

Current workaround

Take screenshots.

Related feature requests

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this constantly vexes me, and I hope it gets addressed. I’m surprised more people don’t mention it. Several times per week, I’ll get a bubble with complicated and important information shown with no way to see the whole message and no time to read it all even if it were all displayed.


+1 for this. Toast vs console log notification implementation between different plugins is inconsistent, and if I had a way to universally disable toasts but log everything, I’d enable that in a heartbeat. The fact that toasts don’t get logged at all is baffling!

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