Message bubble does not display long enough

What I’m trying to do

I’d like to see the messages that pop in top right corner,
but they disappear too fast.

Is there a way to change the message duration or changes it’s location (e.g. the center of the screen)?

Is there a way to review the messages that have been displayed?

Things I have tried

I’ve search, but haven’t found anything.

You can try ctrl shift i to access Developer Tools. See these relevant threads: Where do error messages go to die after being displayed?, and Where can i find Logfiles

Another option if the message isn’t there is to press printscreen key when you see the message and review it from the pasted screenshot. I agree that It would be helpful to be able to isolate all error messages that show in the popups. This is especially true if there are multiple in quick succession.

Good luck!

the Developer Tools window does not contain the messages the OP is referring to. A screen shot is a workaround, but the truth seems to be that these messages just get thrown away and aren’t saved or stored anywhere in Obsidian.

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You are right. I just created a feature request here: Keep a log of notification bubbles (toast)



Thanks, that sounds like a good approach. It is so frustrating to have long complex messages with lists of information just vaporize tantalizingly before I can read it. :slight_smile:

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