Image copy paste from browser adds link instead of attaching the image - is it still a bug?

Trying to solve this issue I read thru this post Image copy paste from browser adds link instead of attaching the image but it seems like it’s still a bug.

I found this post as well Add option to paste image file from web browser instead of URL - #3 - it was the same notice but in May.

The latest reply from Moderator was on June 7 saying that “will be fixed in 0.12.5”

Well, current version which I have is 0.12.10 but it’s still a bug there (seems like). I tried to re-install Obsidian but the same results - when I Copy and Paste it pastes URL instead saving pictures in local Vault.

Is anyone faced with the issue?

Please advise.

Thank you.

It works for me. You need to copy the image, not copy the link to the image, or select the image along with other things.

Also please follow the bug report template.

Hi WhiteNoise. Thank you for your quick feedback. It’s strange because I specifically copy-paste info which includes pics in the body of content and contains pasted with URLs. Should I pasted screenshot here? I just try to find out if it’s only issue on my PC or is it a common issue in the community. Could you give any advice what I can do, please? Downgrade version of Obsidian? Thank you.

In Chrome, right click image and select “Copy image”. Are you using this exact method?

Hi WhiteNoise. Thank you for your message. It works with separate pictures fine but when I copy text with pictures (let’s say from web-page like article) it pasted into Obsidian like URLs (I mean picture). Below is what I mean:

That is normal behavior. Only if you copy a single image, it will get downloaded. Otherwise it’ll get linked.

Use a tool like markdownload to download text and pictures.

Thank you WhiteNoise. May I ask you do you mean extension for Google Chrome or separate software? If so could you give any name of extension/software, please?

Thank you very much for your help above!